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Qingdao Qing Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. serving more than 500 employees, more than 170 first-line researchers, senior engineer 32, including mining machinery design experts 12, nine mine engineering experts. More than 300 processing staff, CNC machine tool control more than 120 people, electrical welding workers, installation and assembly, quality testing, product testing and other technical staff more than 160 people, senior management of more than 30 people. At the same time we also equipped with a strong technical overseas engineering installation team. In short, Qingdao Qing Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a superb, perfect, high standards of the team to ensure the quality of equipment and standards. Qingdao Green Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. all the staff dedicated to the rest of the world's users with the most satisfied with the products and services.

Independent research and development team

Qing heavy machinery adhere to independent research and development, the establishment of professional R & D team, set up a special R & D funds, through independent research and development, science and technology will be effectively transformed into advanced productive forces. The company's technology research and development center is the core of the company's technology development system, but also the main body of independent innovation and development of the company's foundation. Various types of high-end professional and technical personnel to join and a number of patent certification to obtain, so that my company has become a well-deserved industry leader.

Product design team

The company's annual R & D investment accounted for more than 3% of total sales for product design, CAD, Solidworks and other computer-aided design system and Ansys, matlab simulation analysis software and VCC, EasyBuoder8000 and other programming Software for the support, improve the optimization of product development, design, production of each detail and to ensure that the program to ensure the development of accurate, reliable and perfect. Company within the enterprise will be scientific research, technical services, marketing, production integration, enhance enterprise technology development And innovation ability, improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness at home and abroad.

Qingdao EPIC Mining machinery Co.,ltd

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