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Processing power

China's largest mining machinery production base in Qingdao, Qingdao Qing Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 60 acres, equipped with four processing workshops, CNC machining equipment and large vertical lathe, a total of more than 120 sets of machine tools, the park built 8,000 square meters integrated office Building, the building with mining machinery design, mining engineering research and design, mineral processing technology research and tailings comprehensive utilization of research departments, the park's total number of employees more than 500 people, more than 120 researchers, senior engineer 23, mechanical design More than 30 staff, machining, electrical welding more than 200 people, more than 60 senior management staff. Strong comprehensive strength and superb technical team for the heavy machinery manufacturing world-class quality of the product quality to provide a guarantee.

For more than 30 years, the company has been engaged in the development of mining machinery and equipment, from the beneficiation test, the process design, the equipment processing, the installation and debugging, the training of the workers and the production of the most economical mineral processing scheme and the most efficient mineral processing equipment.

Green has successively become: China Gold, China Nonferrous Metals, Zijin Mining, Zhaojin Mining, Yunnan Copper Group, Yunnan Metallurgical Group, Yunnan Gold, Shenzhen Beitui Group, Qinghai Xigang, Anhui Maanshan Iron and Steel, Sichuan Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Hebei Iron and Steel Group and other well-known domestic enterprises supporting suppliers

The main strength of large and medium-sized processing equipment, such as Y31800 8-meter CNC heavy hobbing machine (Russian imports), TJK6920 large-scale floor boring and milling machine (bed 4X10 meters), the company has a large number of modern large-scale processing equipment and modern office buildings, , The DVT630X40 / 50Q-NC 8-meter CNC vertical lathe, CW6060 type 5.5X13m floor lathe, WS11K-60x3000 CNC bending machine (maximum plate thickness 80mm), GS series 4X12 meters CNC steel plate cutting machine, KT-60T automatic Welding machine, 5.5X15 meters annealing furnace, etc., good and reliable processing equipment is the key to the quality of heavy quality products to ensure.

  • Bending machine

  • Gantry crane

  • TJK6920 economic floor boring and milling machine (4)

  • Homogeneous CNC vertical lathe

  • Horizontal Adjustable Three Roll Bending Machine (2)

  • Skoda boring and milling machine

  • Φ8m Russia imported hobbing machine

  • 5.5 * 15 Annealing furnace

  • 6.3 meters double column vertical truck

  • Automatic submerged arc welding machine

  • Automatic submerged arc cutting machine

  • Automatic flame cutting machine

Qingdao EPIC Mining machinery Co.,ltd

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