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The importance of the steam boiler water treatment
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Security, the economy is an important element of the steam boiler operations, improve steam boiler steam boiler water treatment is one guarantee safe and economic operation of the important part. Oil and natural gas steam boiler steam boiler water treatment must do a good job. Because the combustion temperature of the oil and gas is high. And the majority of fuel, gas steam boilers, small size, compact structure, high water quality requirements, if treatment done well, it will cause steam boiler fouling, corrosion, not only wastes fuel and can lead to blocked tubes, blasting pipe and other accidents, will result in the largest steam boiler scrapped severe economic losses.

Basics of steam boiler water

The purpose of natural water hazards for steam boilers and steam boiler water treatment of impurities

Dissolved substances dissolved in water mainly refers to salts and certain gases. Natural water, even though looks very pure clean tap water also contains a variety of dissolved salts, including calcium and magnesium salts. That hardness of the material, is causing a major source of steam boiler fouling. Due to the scale of the steam boiler great harm, and therefore remove hardness, prevent fouling is the primary task of the steam boiler water treatment, drug treatment can be achieved by adding chemical treatment or pot pot outside.

Also the higher the alkalinity of water in some areas, after the heat concentrated by burning fuel gas steam boiler, boiler water alkalinity will become increasingly high, after reaching a certain concentration, it will send the evaporation surface foam, affecting the quality of steam; in Under certain conditions, the alkalinity is too high can also cause stress concentration of caustic embrittlement and other alkaline corrosion. High alkalinity of the water quality and therefore reducing the need for alkali treatment. Also high levels of dissolved solids, will also affect the quality of the steam, serious and even lead to priming. Should be controlled by rational sewage.

Dissolved gases in the fuel gas steam boiler equipment affecting mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide, which will produce oxygen steam boiler corrosion and acid corrosion, while the oxygen and hydrogen ions is also a larger role depolarizing agents, will accelerate electric chemical corrosion progresses, is one of the important factors to produce steam boiler corrosion. Dissolved oxygen can be removed by adding a reducing drugs or other methods. For carbon dioxide, just keep a certain pot of water pH and alkalinity, you can eliminate the effects.

There are often a lot of natural water impurities, which impact on the steam boiler are: suspended substances, colloidal substances and dissolved substances.

Suspended matter and sediment material from the cavity, animal and plant remains and some low molecular weight aggregates, etc., is to make the water was muddy main factors. If these impurities into the ion exchange resin exchanger pollution affecting water quality, such as direct access {steam boilers, steam quality and easy to deteriorate and easily deposited into the dirt, clogged pipes, metal damage due to overheating. Suspended solids and colloidal substances can be removed by pretreatment.

All in all purpose steam boiler water treatment is to remove harmful impurities, preventing steam boiler scale and corrosion, good steam quality, and ensure safe and economic operation of steam boilers.

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