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First, the guiding ideology: people-oriented
Not only to bring accomplished individuals, but also to foster team accomplished;
Not only to play all the labor-intensive human resources function, but also to pay attention to human resource intensive intelligence capabilities;
Not only to pay attention to human resource services can play, but also to pay attention to human resource innovation ability to play;

Second, before the election standards: honesty, ability and integrity
Ability and integrity, to Germany first; weight performance, look development, highlighting the "win-win."

Reuse people, educating people is more important: emphasis with good talent, and more emphasis on training of personnel;
Weight capacity, quality is more important: the ability to pay attention to the work of professionals, and more emphasis on the inherent quality of personnel;
Heavy effect, heavier purpose: emphasis by promoting business development with good talent, more attention needs to fully meet the talent to make the development of enterprises
Return to the development of talent.

Third, the cadre selection criteria: two-thirds of internal training, external third introduction

Around the "two-thirds of internal training, external third introduction of the" guiding ideology, capable, the commonplace, the levels were so, move to get there, stay, the lingua franca; innovation incentives, the company improve welfare on the basis of talent and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and talent to play an effective potential.

Human resources


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